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Welcome! This site contains complete instructions, drawings, photos, and parts lists for building your own light saber. The design I developed contains, for the most part, parts that are very easy to find and quite inexpensive. I think, even if you have to buy the chrome tube (the most expensive single item) and include batteries and a light source, your total cost will be only about $30–$40.


Kenobi v. Maul - click to enlarge (Please do not copy this graphic without permission) My homemade light saber


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As the opening of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace approached, I got the idea that it would be fun to attend the screening dressed as a Jedi. While costumes were being constructed for my sons and I, I realized that I didn’t have my own light saber, although my sons (except the 4-month-old) have toy ones. Recalling that each Jedi constructs his own light saber as part of his training, I realized that I didn’t need to build an exact prop replica, merely achieve a certain “look.” So, I scoured the Web (and my cellar, and a couple of hardware stores) to see what was available, and built this saber over a couple of weeks.

The design is easy to build, and I’ve included instructions which are, I hope, easy to follow, and supplemented these with photos and drawings as well as a complete parts list.

AFAQ is available which addresses the questions I get asked most often.

Remember, this is a “nonfunctional” saber. (The technology does not exist yet to produce a functional one.) Remember, I built this because I wanted to have a realistic looking light saber hilt prop to wear with my Jedi costume.

The light inside it is used to illuminate the “calculator bubbles” (see the parts list and photos) on the handle, and to shine through the electron tube. The light is cool-looking, but would not be confused with a real light saber blade (if such existed). Essentially, you could think of it as a low-powered flashlight. See our FAQ for more information.

E-mail mewith questions, suggestions, or your own experiences.
Thanks! —
Jedi Wilcox

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The instructions are finished for the absolutely cheapest, virtually indestructible, infinitely “whackable,” extremely easy to build noodle saber. Total cost of parts: less than $10.00.

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