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Your Star Wars Name

Jedi master Brook Monroe was kind enough to code this JavaScript routine for us, long before my own addiction to JavaScript began.

Just enter the information requested into the first four fields below, and click the “Create Jedi Name” button. The script will (usually) create a Jedi-sounding name for you.

A note for the security-conscious: No information is submitted to any Web server by this form. The processing takes place on your own machine, in your own browser. To further alleviate concerns, the form now only accepts the parts of the names the script uses. 

First 3 Letters of Last name:
First 2 Letters of First name:
First 2 Letters of Mother’s maiden name:
First 3 Letters of Birthplace (city or town):

Jedi Name:

Light Saber Divider (rotated)

Sith Lord Darth Gray has written in to point out that these are actually Coruscant Names, not Jedi Names.

If for some reason you have trouble running this JavaScript form, here’s the formula to do it manually:

(From TheForce.Net (Wed, Jul 07, 99 12:43:37 AM EST) — Your Star Wars Name)

Robert Griffin of the GRIF.NET sends us this little funny that’s been sailing around email boxes everywhere lately. Great stuff.

You can find out your Star Wars name, if just do the following:

For your FIRST NAME:
Then the first 3 letters of your LAST name.
Take the first 2 letters of your FIRST name.

For your LAST NAME:
Then the first 2 letters of your MOM’S MAIDEN name.
Then the first 3 letters of the TOWN YOU WERE BORN IN.

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