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Star Wars and Religion: Is “The Force” Real?

I’ve started to compile some links to explore the religion of Star Wars. The Force probably owes its origins to the ancient Chinese philosophies of Taoism(definition here) and whatWorld Magazine calls “ZenLite.” Although I am a big fan of Star Wars, as a Believer, I feel it is important to keep the origin of this philosophy in perspective. Here are some articles or essays on this topic. In time, I hope to be supplementing this with some information written specifically for this site.

WorldMagazine Cover, May 22, 1999 The May 22, 1999, issue of World Magazine has some excellent articles on The Force and Christianity, including:
“Battling the Cultural Menace”
Faith vs. the Force
“Phantom Characters”
“Ronald Reagan: Jedi Knight”

Realities Beyond the Myth — Explores Taoism, “The Force,” the myths related to Star Wars, and the technology or possible technology of Star Wars.

Time Magazine Cover for April 26, 1999 Of Myth and Men — (from Time Magazine’s April 26, 1999, issue) — A conversation between Bill Moyers and George Lucas on the meaning of the Force and the true theology of Star Wars

New Age Basics and Agenda

According to The Times (London), Buddist monks in Brighton (UK) are going to prepare a Star Wars meditation course which will soon be offered at their website, Buddhist monk, Kelsang Lodro states, “So many films deal with Buddhist concepts but they leave the questions unanswered, probably because they don't know the answers themselves. George Lucas used loads of Buddhist ideas, so we want to answer the questions that he asks.” The site currently features a course that deals with themes inspired by the film The Matrix.

You may also find Star Wars: The Magic of Myth interesting. It is a virtual display of the The National Air and Space Museum’s (part of the Smithsonian Institution) exhibit on Star Wars. The exhibit will be touring the USA for a few years starting in January 2000, but the virtual exhibit should remain open.

What Does It Mean to Be a Believer?

Got Jesus? (One of the best presentations I have found.)

Who Was He?

Who Is Jesus?

The Four Spiritual Laws / Las Cuatro Leyes Espirituales (en español) / In Other Languages

The Gospel of John


Zen: \'Zen\ n [Jp, religious meditation, fr. Chin (Pek) ch’an(2), fr. Pali jhana, fr. Skt dhyana, fr. dhyati he thinks—more at SEMANTIC] (1902): a Japanese sect of Mahayana Buddhism that aims at enlightenment by direct intuition through meditation. (Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary)

Taoism: \-,iz-em\ n [Tao] (1838) 1. A Chinese mystical philosophy traditionally founded by Lao-tzu in the 6th century B.C. that teaches conformity to the Tao by unassertive action and simplicity. 2. a religion developed from Taoist philosophy and folk and Buddhist religion and concerned with obtaining long life and good fortune often by magical means. (Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary)

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